Neuromuscular Therapy

Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT), a form of massage, is a specific, systematic, scientifically based noninvasive treatment of soft tissue pain and injuries. The muscles themselves are relieved of trigger points that permit the body to heal itself.

The principles of Neuromuscular Therapy are based on the research of Drs. Janet Travell and David Simons detailed in their books, Myofacial Pain and Dysfunction: The Trigger Point Manual, Volumes I and II. Their research proved that trigger points exist predictably in the muscles of all individuals.

As part of the research into the cause of muscle pain, needle biopsies were performed on the trigger points, and the presence of three acids ( Lactic, Pyruvic, and Hyaluronic) was produced by the body. They are also neuro-exciters, which means they are irritants and cause an increase in pain. The reason these acids are present in the muscles is that the muscle circulation is decreased to the point that it no longer carries away the waste products.

Many painful conditions are caused by hypertonic (tight) muscles that can entrap or "pinch" nerves between other muscles and/or against bones. Once trigger points, ischemia, and hypertonicity are removed from the muscles by Neuromuscular Therapy and normal muscle metabolism is restored, the pain is relieved and will not return unless injury or poor body mechanics causes the reactivation of the trigger points.

When a muscle sustains an injury, the nerve impulses from the muscle are interpreted by the brain. It tells the body that it must control any bleeding, and does by reducing the diameter of blood vessels. This vasoconstriction causes ischemia or decreasesd circulation, which then causes waste products to stay in the muscle. The waste products cause more pain, which causes more muscle tightness. The cycle continues along with accompanying dysfunction, i.e. Stress-Tension -Pain Syndrome.

While working within the pain tolerance of each individual, Neuromuscular Therapy breaks the Stress-Tension-Pain Syndrome by eliminating one or more segments of the cycle. In this way, Neuromuscular Therapy becomes a critical course of treatment and also works in conjunction with other modalities in our protocol in the treatment of pain and injuries.

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