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Debbie Dubberly - Fibromyalgia resolution, cosmetic improvements, and weight loss.

Betty McDaniel-Smith - occipital neuralgia.

Ron Thomas - Top 2% of severity of chronic fatigue syndrome in US.

Scott Marshall - Severe back pain - athletic personal records at age 54.

Marie Thomas - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, high Epstein Barr Virus.

Mark Skelton - Fibromyalgia - Athletic excellence with treatment

Sandy Burrier - Carpal Tunnel - Surgery Recommended

Ross Carter - Fibromyalgia, Panic Attacks

Judy Gaetje - Carpal tunnel - surgery scheduled.

Carol Cramlet - Severe Fibromyalgia - housebound

Brian Roach - Fibromyalgia - Achieved athletic excellence with treatment.

Larry Temo - Near death experience from unhealthy soft tissues.

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Carol Cramlet Testimonial

Kristen Temo Testimonial

Larry Temo Testimonial

Marie Thomas Testimonial

Ron Thomas Testimonial

Ross Carter Testimonial

Scott Marshall Testimonial

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